Bluel recently managed the design and development of a comprehensive EEG/EMG system for clinical diagnostics. The software provides a plug-in model supporting multiple vendor devices as well as a compositional signal generator capable of simulating realistic brainwave patterns. We worked with the client to implement an innovative noise correction algorithm that significantly improves feedback along with a series of integrated audio/visual patient exercises. The client has filed a provisional patent application for this technology and is preparing to market the product domestically and internationally.

Distributed Computing

Bluel developed an application for a bank that needed to automate queries to a legacy TN3270 mainframe (via IBM's popular EHLLAPI standard). We designed a domain-specific programming language that enables non-programmers to construct simple scripts describing the query. Using Microsoft's DCOM protocol, a client could then distribute these scripts to a collection of servers for execution. The entire process could be invoked manually by a user, or automatically via an ActiveX API.

By distributing the queries across multiple terminals, the query times could be reduced from several hours to under 30 minutes. The software can schedule simultaneous queries submitted by multiple users, and it uses idle-time detection to avoid interfering with human access to a terminal. By leveraging the text-parsing API from a Bluel research project, we were able to complete the initial prototype in just a few weeks.


Cognitive Therapy

For several years, we have provided software development support for a partner that specializes in cognitive training and evaluation. These applications include ADHD testing and diagnosis, listening skills, auditory attention, working memory, and phonemic awareness. These projects have been sold commercially and licensed to major hospitals.

In collaboration with Ratloop, Inc, we created a complete graphics engine featuring layered sprites, scrolling tile maps, multichannel sound, and collision detection. The engine includes an optimized rendering system for DirectX, and is in active usage today.

Process Scheduling

Process scheduling is a central component of most business tasks. A recent Bluel contracting project involved the development of a multithreaded enterprise scheduling application. Using Microsoft's ActiveScript technology, this application can be extended with user scripts written in an assortment of plugin languages (e.g. Perl, Python, VBScript, JavaScript, etc.). Wizard-based triggers can then be used to execute these scripts in response to various events, such as time-of-day triggers, filesystem changes, and arrival of e-mail messages. The scheduler includes a language-independent runtime library for date calculations.



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