Voicemail System

We have created an affordable small-office voicemail solution for use with Panasonic hybrid telephone switches. This system supports up to 16 extensions, and includes standard features such as automated attendant, music-on-hold, customized greetings, announcements, and remote message checking. Its PC architecture allowed the implementation several novel enhancements, such as e-mail delivery of messages, extensive logging, and dial-in ISP.

Because the software runs on older Pentium-based Linux servers and is compatible with inexpensive Rockwell-based voicemail cards, the Bluel voicemail system is an affordable alternative to higher-end proprietary systems. While developing this project we made several useful extensions to the open source modem drivers.

Voice messages can be delivered as e-mail attachments


Backup Selection Utility

Weekly backups are an important part of every company's data protection strategy. We have developed a backup selection utility for use in multiuser Unix environments. This application allows individual users to create custom pattern-based selection rules in local configuration files distributed throughout the volume. By enabling the administrator to delegate archive decisions to individual users, smarter archiving decisions can be made, significantly decreasing the overall backup footprint. The system leverages the underlying permissions system, and is portable to a wide variety of POSIX-based Unix systems.


Dynamic Web Publishing Manager

Bluel has created a site manager application which uses an XML specification to define the styles and hierarchy for a collection of web documents. When this information changes, the site manager propogates the changes across the entire web site, automatically updating the HTML codes and regenerating the images for bitmap buttons. The software was written in Java, allowing it to be easily ported to most operating systems.



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